Module 3: Client-Side Scripts

Purpose of This Module

The purpose of this module is to introduce you to dynamic web development using javascript and html form elements

Tools & Resources Needed for this Module

text editor; zip file for the interactive quiz

Take the Quiz

Go take the quiz. Do it a few times to see how the quiz generates different results based on your responses

Make your Own Quiz!
  1. Download and extract the .zip file with the quiz components. You should see several .html files.
  2. View the source of the .html file called "quiz"
  3. Look at the script that controls the quiz logic. It lives in the HEAD of the .html document for the quiz.
  4. Edit the text of the .html files (the main quiz, the answers/popups) and change the math to create your own quiz. You shouldn't have to edit the script too much.
  5. Add some cool styles, images, etc.!
  6. Save, FTP, & View on the Web!

    FTP to your MSU Domains dev site and make a link to your course page to the work you completed for module 3.