Module 1: IFTTT

Purpose of This Module

The purpose of this module is to introduce you to a basic form of programming logic: conditional statements

Tools & Resources Needed for this Module

an account on IFTTT Check out IFTTT

If This Then That is a web service that lets you build small, but handy "applets" using existing services and apps on the web. Click over to the site and check some out.

Here's one I wrote that became pretty popular Should I ride to work? Here's what it does:
  1. Check Weather Underground for the weather in my area.
  2. If the weather is good, add an event to my Google Calendar for a Bike Commute that includes temperature
Your IFTTT Mission

Check out the various IFTTT services that work with WordPress. Make one that will do something interesting for your portfolio! Add it, then write a short paragraph about what it is and what it does.

Save in IFTTT & Get it Working on Your Portfolio

When it's all set up, make a link to your applet from your 410 course page too.